JIN JAAN Sheet Metal was founded in 2007 as an associate company of NAN TAI Switchgear Co., LTD. The product line was mainly focused on electrical cabinets and control panels before. But we made sustained process and expanded our business into new territories like semiconductor equipment, medical equipment and fitness equipment manufacturing.

We provide one-stop sheet metal processing service from design & drawing, laser cutting, punching, bending, welding to powder coating. In response to business needs, we expanded our powder coating plant in 2019 to further increase production capacity.

With flexible production scheduling and ISO 9001:2005 certification, we provide products that meet your delivery and quality requirements on high-mix low-volume and mass production. Based on sheet metal design and drawing experience in various industries, we offer professional suggestions on sheet metal manufacturing, helping customers reduce R&D spending.




Business Scope

Locker/ Vending machines

Biotech/ Medical equipment   

Kiosk/ Arcade machines

Exercise fitness equipment

Semiconductor equipment

Industrial machine covers

Temperature control machines

Automatic storage systems

Food machines

Other metal works





II 2007-2010  BUILD UP 

Gathered 10 sheet metal professionals and 5 million from NAN TAI Switch Gear Co., LTD and founded JIN JAAN Sheet Metal Co., LTD in 2007. Set sales, manufacturing, QC units and achieved compliance with ISO 9001.


II 2011-2016  SCALE UP 

Invested 200 million to build a 8486m2 factory. Implement TOYOKOKI HYB-125、TOYOKOKI HYB-85、MAZAK ZG-1316 bending machines to increase production capacity。



Expanded the coating factory. Implemented AMADA EMK-3510 punching machine、CNC-20032 bending machine、CNC-1502 bending machine and BR-800 rolling machine to improve production efficiency and to diversify products. Kept recruiting and reached 80 employees in 2019.